How much does it cost?


Including and Price/Payment


On-site Audit
  • Onsite inventory
  • Onsite manual serialization
  • Onsite barcode scanning
  • Onsite equipment photo
  • Onsite hard drives de-installation
  • Onsite inventory separation

External serial number (ex. Laptops, desktops, printers. Servers, etc.)

$10 each

Internal serial number (HDDs or other internal parts. Includes removal)

$20 each

Trailer load of low and medium grade e-scrap is paid back based on commodity value
  • From 1 to 10+ Man Crew
  • Union Labor Crew
  • Before & After Hours Service
  • Weekend Service
  • Packing materials
  • Appointments & Pre-Call Notifications

White glove service anywhere in continental USA, includes:

  • Inside collection if your scrap anywhere but the loading dock
  • Packing material if you don’t have packing material
  • Liftgate pick up if you don’t have loading dock
  • Freight to recycling facility from anywhere in the continental USA
  • Cost of all labor necessary to get the job done

Charged at the rate $1.00 / lb.

Extra charge for: Union Labor, COI, Floor Covering, Island jobs, AK and HI jobs
  • Just-in-Time Pick-up
  • Multiple Locations Pick-up
  • Nationwide Service
  • Secure Lockboxes & Truckloads
  • Warehousing and Dropships
  • Pick-Ups and/or Ship-ins

If you do not need packing services above and only need removal of packed material of your loading area

each skid removed from anywhere continental USA $300.

minimum $1000 (includes 3 standard size skids)

Data Destruction
  • Certificates of Data Destruction
  • Software-based Data Erasure
  • DOD 5220.22-M Compliance
  • NIST 800.88 Compliance
  • Secure Lockboxes & Truckloads
  • Onsite and Off-site Drive Shredding

HDD erasure or physical destruction

$17.50 each serial number

  • Market Demand Analisys
  • Price Comparison
  • Functionality Evaluation
  • Physical Condition Evaluation
  • Missing parts Report
  • Cosmetic Conditions

We don’t charge for Evaluation. Customer income based on Fair Market Value* (FMV), see Settlement below


  • Inventory Evaluation
  • Consignment Arrangements
  • Instant Purchases
  • Used Equipment Marketing and Sales
  • Cash Back to Customer
  • Pre- and Post-sale support

We don’t charge for Resale. Customer income mostly depends on Fair Market Value* (FMV), see Settlement below Obligatory destruction of reusable devices** $15 each


  • Weight accounting
  • Commodity Separation
  • Serial Number Collection & Reporting
  • HDD Serial Number Collection & Reporting
  • Asset Tag Collection, Reporting & Removal
  • Certificates of Disposal

Non-hazardous Devices Recycling


Non-hazardous, non-reusable Devices**/per serial number

$5.00 each

Hazardous material processing and recycling:

CRT televisions

$75.00 each

CRT monitors

$50.00 each

LCT monitors < 20”

$10 each

Office printers/fax/MFP/Copier/UPS with Lead-Acid batteries

$35 each

  • Certificates of Data Destruction (CDD)
  • Certificates of Compliant Disposal (CCD)
  • Equipment Audit and Evaluation Reports
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Bill of Lading at Shipping
  • Bill of Lading on Receipt

Itemized reporting

$5 each serial number

Non itemized reports and certificates


Settlement and Cashback
  • Settlement Statement
  • Purchase order for reusable equipment
  • Invoice for Logistics and Processing
  • Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Certificate of Compliant Disposal

Customer income mostly depend on Fair Market Value* (FMV):

Grade A and B equipment

80% of Fair Market Value

Grade C and D equipment

$5 each laptop, desktop or server unit

Trailer load of low and medium grade e-scrap is paid back based on commodity value

* FMV is determined based on Device age, grade and market demand. ICT grading guidelines:

Grade A – new OEM bulk and retail equipment.

Grade B – Used Asset, complete (with all parts as it was manufactured) and fully functional with normal wear and tear, password free and BIOS unlocked;

Grade C – Used Asset missing components or with cosmetic damage/blemishes that is more than normal wear and tear and/or BIOS locked and/or password protected.

Grade D – Used Asset that is found defective internally or/or externally. It is no longer marketable, because it is missing major components or is physically damaged beyond economical repair.

** Non- Hazardous devices include: PCs, Laptops, Thin Clients, Servers, LCD monitors, Networking etc. and does not apply to assets removing in bulk when a serialized report of disposal is not required (e.g. keyboards, mice, office phones, headsets, hotspots, WIFI access points etc.).

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