Why our services are a cut above others in the market

Comprehensive Solution

Fully managed service with a transparent cost structure regardless of weight or freight charges. No need to count, weigh, or measure old equipment, to reconcile multi-page invoices or make detailed lists.

All we need to know is when and how many pallets of scrap to pick up. We will take care of the rest of the logistics and provide you with the responsible recycling and data elimination certificates.

Agile Approach

We set up custom processes and reporting in a way that is tailored to the customer’s needs, not our own. We are a very agile company focused on customer service, and we can respond to customer needs and requests in a timely manner.

We have dedicated account managers who guarantee each project runs smoothly.

Economic Feasibility

We offer one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market in absolute terms because we eliminate much of the unnecessary work for our customers, freeing their time and resources for other productive work.

We bring 26+ years of technical and market expertise, allowing us to recover the most value from your used equipment.

Scalable Infrastructure

We have the necessary resources allowing us to handle large volume, complex transactions.

This helps us to stand out among most other players in the industry, the majority of which are relatively small and do not have a large infrastructure to handle complex projects.

Strong Chain of Custody

We maintain chronological documentation showing the custody, control, transfer, and disposition of your material. That means we always know where your equipment is.

Stringent Compliance

We are R2, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliant and if you work with us, so are you. We don’t export e-scrap. Zero Landfill policy.

Nationwide leadership

Our program covers the entire country and is flexible, dynamic, low cost, transparent and yields high residual value recovery.

We do the Heavy Lifting

If your equipment is spread out all over the office or offices, building or buildings – we collect and safely pack it for removal.

Massive Cash Back

Our services in 80% of the cases are zero cost or positive cash to the customer, Residual value of your e-scrap paid back to you.

Streamlined Reporting

We create easy to read reports, Certificates of Destruction and Disposal, clear and transparent invoicing. All documents are customized to meet your needs.

Turnkey White-Glove

No matter where in the USA you are, we will account for, sort, de-install, label, photograph, carefully pack and transport your material out of your facility.

Promptly pick up

We guarantee 48 hours pick up for palletized scrap and 5-days for shipments needed white-glove service. That means your office is clean and your job is done.

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