Additional Services


Including and Price/Payment


On-site Audit

External serial number (ex. Laptops, desktops, printers. Servers, etc.). Scannable only.

$10 / documented serial number

Internal serial number (HDDs or other internal parts. Includes removal), Scannable only

$20 / documented serial number

$1000 minimum

White Glove

White glove service anywhere in the continental USA, includes move inside the building, packing material, moving equipment, labor. It doesn’t include freight to the recycling facility.

$1.00 / lb.

$1000 minimum

Extra charge for Union Labor, COI, Floor Covering, Island jobs, AK and HI jobs
Pick up of mixed e-waste below minimum volume or value anywhere in the USA

Picking up ready to remove material packed safely for transportation. Equipment should be on pallets, in gaylords or boxes, shrink-wrapped securely to prevent loss of any sort during transportation. Price doesn’t include processing of hazardous material or HDD shredding.

$350 / skid of up to 40”x48”x50” size

$1000 minimum (includes 3 standard size skids 40”x48” footprint, any height or weight, shrink-wrapped securely)

HDD/Data Destruction

HDD erasure or physical destruction, individually logged and serial number recorded

$17.50 / documented serial number

Processing hazardous e-scrap

Processing and compliant recycling of hazardous material of equipment below and similar:

  • CRT televisions,
  • CRT monitors,
  • LCT monitors < 22”
  • Office printers/fax/MFP/Copier
  • UPS with Lead-Acid batteries

$1.00/lb White-glove or shipping are not included

Processing general e-related waste

Processing e-related general waste like keyboards, mice, webcams, adapters, low-grade cables, docking stations, office phones, switches and routers in a plastic housing, etc

$0.50/lb White-glove or shipping are not included

Certificate of Data Destruction with serial numbers.

Certificate of equipment Disposal with serial numbers.

Certificates itemized and individually serialized

$0.50/ documented serial number

$50 minimum

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