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Product Description

3COM 3CSFP91 GENUINE! 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver. Network adapter. This SFP (Small Form-factor Plug-in, mini-GBIC) transceiver supports one 1000BASE-SX Ethernet connection. 1 Gbps. LC connector type. One SFP (mini-GBIC) slot.

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Condition: Refurbished
Packaging: Retail
UPC: 6.62705E+11

Availability: 8




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  • The SFP's simplicity of design create a new definition of user-friendliness with outstanding mechanical and optical performance
  • Enables one 1000BASE-SX connection
  • Can be used in those 3Com switches and modules which support SFP modules ( 3C17707-US, 3CR17450-91, 3CR17451-91, 3CR17402-91, 3C17400, 3C17401, 3C16490, 3C16485, 3C16475A, 3C16476A, 3C16476BS, 3CR17500-91, 3CR17501-91,3C16475BS, 3C17530, 3CR17250-91, 3CR17251-91, 3CR17252-91, 3CR17253-91, 3CR17258-91, 3CR17151-91, 3CR17152-91, 3CR17161-91, 3CR17162-91, 3CR17171-91, 3CR17172-91, 3C17260, 3CRWX220095A, 3C16862, 3C16886, 3C168917, 3C16862A, 3C168916)


Media interfaces:LC  
Connector Type:LC  
Fiber Type:Multi-mode  
Product Supports:3Com Switch 4070 (Product # 3C17707-US)
3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3870, 24-Port (Product # 3CR17450-91)
3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3870, 48-Port (Product # 3CR17451-91)
3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3848 (Product # 3CR17402-91)
3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3824 (Product # 3C17400)
3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3812 (Product # 3C17401)
3Com Baseline Switch 2226-PWR Plus (Product # 3C16490)
3Com Baseline Switch 2816-SFP Plus (Product # 3C16485)
3Com Baseline Switch 2226 (Product # 3C16475A)
3Com Baseline Switch 2250 (Product # 3C16476A)
3Com Baseline Switch 2250 Plus (Product # 3C16476BS)
3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3226 (Product # 3CR17500-91)
3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3250 (Product # 3CR17501-91)
3Com Baseline Switch 2226 Plus (Product # 3C16475BS)
3Com Switch 8800 24-port 1000BASE-X Advanced Module (Product # 3C17530)
3Com Switch 5500G-EI 24-Port (Product # 3CR17250-91)
3Com Switch 5500G-EI 48-Port (Product # 3CR17251-91)
3Com Switch 5500G-EI PWR 24-Port (Product # 3CR17252-91)
3Com Switch 5500G-EI PWR 48-Port (Product # 3CR17253-91)
3Com Switch 5500G-EI 24-Port SFP (Product # 3CR17258-91)
3Com Switch 5500-SI 28-Port (Product # 3CR17151-91)
3Com Switch 5500-SI 52-Port (Product # 3CR17152-91)
3Com Switch 5500-EI 28-Port (Product # 3CR17161-91)
3Com Switch 5500-EI 52-Port (Product # 3CR17162-91)
3Com Switch 5500-EI PWR 28-Port (Product # 3CR17171-91)
3Com Switch 5500-EI PWR 52-Port (Product # 3CR17172-91)
3Com Switch 5500G-EI 8-Port 1000BASE-X Module (Product # 3C17260)
3Com Wireless LAN Controller WX2200 (Product # 3CRWX220095A)
3Com Switch 7700 20-port 1000BASE-X Module (Product # 3C16862)
3Com Switch 7750 96 Gbps Switch Fabric (Product # 3C16886)
3Com Switch 7750/7700 12-port 1000BASE-X with 4-port 10/100/1000BASE-T Module (Product # 3C168917)
3Com Switch 7750/7700 20-port 1000BASE-X Module (Product # 3C16862A)
3Com Switch 7750/7700 12-port 10/100/1000BASE-T with 4-port 1000BASE-X Module (Product # 3C168916)