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ICT Product Refurbishment and Certification Procedure

Refurbished hardware costs significantly less and works as good as new. This enables companies and departments on a tight budget to utilize newer technology which would otherwise be unaffordable. Deploying refurbished equipment also helps maintain the uniformity of corporate networks, even when equipment is discontinued and can't be acquired through traditional channels.

When hardware is refurbished, the components are examined and any non-working parts are replaced. All of our refurbished products undergo a rigorous 10-step procedure to ensure your complete satisfaction.

A product may be rejected at any step along the way if it is not working properly, no matter how reputable the manufacturer.

Step 1 - Physical inspection
We start with a complete physical inspection of every piece of hardware that arrives at the testing facility. During this process, any equipment that arrives in unacceptable condition is immediately rejected.

Step 2 - Barcode Assignments
After a physical inspection, each unit's serial number is scanned and saved in our database. This will provide a tracking mechanism throughout the testing process and after the equipment has been integrated into its new environment.

Step 3 - Loose Parts Inspection
Our experienced inspectors open the product. They take a closer look "under the hood" to verify that the unit is at manufacturer's spec and no components have come loose.

Step 4 - Diagnostic
Our experienced technicians continue the process by running it through the first of series of extensive diagnostics tests. Each product is checked to ensure that it functions at the original manufacturer specs.*/

Step 5 - Live Testing
If the product meets the manufacturer's requirements, the product is installed in our testing facility where it is really put through its paces.

Step 6 - Reset Configuration
All previous configurations are wiped clean and the product is reset to the original factory default. Any passwords and all personal information are removed.

Step 7 - Cleaning and Reconditioning
Every piece of equipment is thoroughly cleaned, polished, and detailed.

Step 8 - Final Quality
Test Products undergo a second set of diagnostic tests to verify they are working properly and that they will perform at the manufacturer's specifications.*/

Step 9 - Content Review
During this step we add or replace missing accessories originally supplied by manufacturer including screws, connectors, power cords, brackets, adapters or legs, etc. We stock a variety of international power cord and wall adaptor configurations for our international customers. Please call for availability.

Step 10 - Packing and Shipping
Shipping of expensive equipment requires special attention. We are experts in packing our equipment carefully according to the manufacturer's recommendations and best practices of our industry. We make sure that all of our products arrive in perfect condition.

After passing this 10-step process the hardware can be called an ICT Certified Refurbished product.

*/US Robotics fax-modems are tested to comply with specifications provided by the manufacturer to the public. No proprietary hardware or software is used to test or refurbish US Robotics fax-modems.