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About ICT

ICT Company (Integrated Communications & Technologies, Inc.) is a Massachusetts Corporation that works to accommodate vendor's needs to liquidate excess and end-of-life inventory of computer parts and components. ICT purchases computer components and related products from major US and foreign original equipment and component manufacturers, as well as from smaller, specialized high-tech companies, retailers and distributors. Integrated Communications & Technologies, Inc. was established in 1993. During its eighteen years of operations ICT has built successful long term relationships with its vendors and enjoyed an excellent support from manufacturers. Company main office is located in Malden, Massachusetts.

ICT product line includes, but is not limited, by the following product lines: 3Com NBX IP telephony systems; 3Com, HP, H3C, Nortel switches, hubs, routers, modules, NICs, and other networking equipment; U.S. Robotics modems.

Bank of America acts as a principal financial institution for the company and handles the volume of financial transactions for ICT.

We are looking forward to working with you and welcome an opportunity to participate in acquisitions of excess and discontinued inventory you might have and procurements for computer products you require.