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H3C LS-7503-AC-XG-OVS (0235A14T) S7503 Ethernet Switch Chassis (AC 110/220V) with fan, 1 AC power and documents, support PoE and XGBUS, 2 power cord inputs, Comware incl. Alternative name: JD424A

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H3C LS-7503-AC-XG-OVS (0235A14T) S7503 Ethernet Switch Chassis


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  • Advanced System Structure
    The H3C S7500 Series introduces the distributed system architecture and powerful ASIC chips for high-speed routing, as well the Crossbar technologies for packet switching. This creative combination greatly improves the forwarding performance and expansion capabilities of the routing switch. Embedded in the Main Control Units (MCU), the Crossbar switching fabric provides a switching capacity up to 768Gbps and works in the active/standby or load-sharing mode set by simple software configuration.
  • High Capacity, High Density, Wire-Speed Forwarding
    High Capacity----The H3C S7500 Series can provide 1.68Tbps backplane bandwidth and up to 768Gbps switching capacity and 432Mpps forwarding capabilities with Salience™ III Plus engine.
    High Density----The H3C S7500 Series can support ultimate 288 GE or 288 FE or 24 10-Gigabit wire-speed Ethernet interfaces totally.
    Wire-Speed Forwarding----All the high density Gigabit (48-port) and 10-Gigabit (4-port) interface modules with XGBUS uplink can reach to L2/L3 wire-speed distributed forwarding in full loaded of S7503 or S7506R with new Salience™ III Plus engine.
    Simply put, the H3C S7500 Series provides flexible interface choices from 10/100/1000 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and combined interface boards to satisfy the customer


Number of slots:4
Number of slots for interface modules:3
Salience™ series switch and route engines:Salience™ III Edge
Salience™ III
Salience™ III Plus
Switching capability:Salience™ III Edge: 56Gbps
Salience™ III: 152Gbps
Salience™ III Plus: 312Gbps
Throughput:Salience™ III Edge: 42Mpps
Salience™ III: 90Mpps
Salience™ III Plus: 216Mpps
Layer 2 switching:Port-based VLAN(802.1Q): YES(4K)
Protocolo-based VLAN (IP,IPX and etc): YES
MAC table number: 16k/module;16K whole chassis
IEEE802.3x flow control: YES
IEEE802.1p: YES
IEEE802.3ad link-aggregation: YES. MAX 8 ports/link group, MAX. 64 group
Link-aggregation across boards: YES. MAX 8 ports/link group, MAX. 32 group
Port mirroring: YES
MSTP:YES (support 16 instances)
Broadcast storm suppression:YES
Jumbo-frame: YES (support MAX 9216 bytes)
Middle frame: YES (support MAX 1600 bytes)
Port auto negotiation: YES
IGMP snooping (v1, v2): YES
L2 static unicast addresses: YES
Layer 3 Switching:LPM(Longest prefix match): YES
Static route:YES (5K)
RIPv1/v2, OSPF,IS-IS,BGP:RIPv1/v2: 1K
IS-IS: 32K
BGPv4: 32K
VRRP:YES (256 VRRP backup group per switch; each group supports 16 IP addresses)
Local ARP proxy:YES
DHCP relay:YES
DHCP server:YES
SuperVLAN:YES (up to 64)
SubVLAN:YES (127 SubVLAN per SuperVLAN, totally 1024 SubVLAN per System)
IGMP (v1, v2):YES
Switched virtual interfaces:1K
IPX(software switched):YES
Multicast groups:YES (1K)
Security: 802.1x:3K users
Unicast MAC filter:YES
Per-port QoS configuration:YES
QoS:ACL capacity:10-GE: 1000 rules/port
GE: 100 rules/port
FE: 200 rules shared by 8 ports
CAR:YES (granularity: 64kbps)
Queues per port:8
traffic classification:Strict Priority Queuing
WRR (Weighted Round Robin) provided through bandwidth
Supports priority queue based on VLAN port, IEEE802.1P
Supports up to 8 FIFO, SP, WRR queues for each port Remarking of packets based on priority:
  • Auto classification
  • Selectable prioritization
  • DSCP priority
  • Type of Service (ToS)
  • IEEE 802.1p Class of Service (CoS)
  • IP precedence
Local precedence: physical port, source/destination MAC address, VLAN information, Ethernet type, Layer 3 protocol, source/destination IP address, datagram type, IP Layer 4 protocol, IP Layer 4 ports Flows identified through Access Control Lists (ACLs)
NAT:Number of IP addresses:32 IP pools and 8,000 IP addresses
NAPT:32 IP pools and 3 IP addresses per pool
Number of ISP:32
Concurrent connection number:100,000/s
Policy Based Routing (PBR):Throughput:3Gbps (64bytes/packet, ingress PBR)
3Gbps (64bytes/packet, egress PBR)
Forwarding rate: 4.5Mpps (64bytes/packet, ingress PBR)
4.5Mpps (64bytes/packet, egress PBR)
NetStream:Number of stream statistics entry per interface module:300,000
Throughput:3.8Gbps(single direction, 64bytes/packet)
Forwarding rate:5.7Mpps(single direction, 64bytes/packet)
Format of output packet:V5/V8/V9
System configuration/system management:Configuration through CLI Console, Telnet and modem:YESFTP/TFTP:YESOther:Provides system logs
Provides user-level alarming
Optional CF card
Management VLAN: YES
Physical dimensions (W x H x D):436 x 352.8 x 480 mm (17.2 x 13.9 x 18.9 in.)